Digital Notice Board can be the new science behind effective communication.

Orchestrating a more informed world.

We at easyboard believe -A well managed Notice Board can be an Agent of Change in any organization.easyboard is a world class Digital Notice Board solution that changes the way you communicate for better.Lets orchestrate a more informed world together!!

Digital Notice Board

An easy to use Digital Notice Board Solution can help transform communication.

World’s most advanced Digital Notice Board solution

We strive to create world’s most advanced paperless Digital Notice Board Solution. We have a vision to orchestrate a more informed world using technology as an enabler.

50+ features make easyboard truly unique & most Dynamic solution.

easyboard is not just another Digital Signage Solution. Powered by 50+ features, addressing different customer needs , it is suitable for every domain.

Simple even for non-IT people

With our super simple UI , management is so easy even for non-IT person. Now right team can manage content.

Fast & Secure

Publish content to 100’s of screens within seconds with 256 SSL level security & 2 Factor authentication.

Easyboard is a perfect combo - Useful in every Domain

A perfect world class enterprise product that can be used in any domain. We have all suited features to suit the requirement of any domain whether it is retail, corporates, manufacturing, education etc.









Health Care

Health Care

Building The Next Generation Digital Notice Board Software

Super Simple To Use

Super Fast

Multi Platform

Custom Integrations



Ease of use

Simple user interface, ease of use so that management is hassle free and can be easily managed directly by the right team without overburdening the IT team to play this role.

  • Simplified Responsive UI
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Simple even for non-IT people
  • Plug & Play

Super Fast

publish content to 100’s of screens within seconds.

  • Amazon AWS hosted
  • Latest Technology
  • Simplified UI

Super Fast

publish content to 100’s of screens within seconds.

  • Amazon AWS hosted
  • Latest Technology
  • Simplified UI

Sync Data for Consolidated Information

Connect with your CRM, payments and online stores, instantly. We support integration with 60+ apps to ensure you find all information in one place.
  • AQI
  • Weather
  • ERP
  • URL

Custom Applications

We supports multiple apps which are already integrated with our application.

  • Youtube
  • Live URL
  • Google sheet / Calender
  • Social Media Integration
  • Templates

Protect Customer Data with Foolproof System

  • 256 bit SSL layer
  • Amazon AWS Server
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Login Sessions

Easyboard Is a perfect combo useful in every domain.


Easyboard Signage for retail domain to drive sales & brand awareness


Easyboard Signage for manufacturing domain to display safety notices, manufactuiring process etc.


Serving as a Digital Notice board, it’s first of it’s kind of product for educational sector to display notices, displaying learning contents etc.


Easyboard Signage helps hospitals to display information and it will server as a great marketing tool.


Serve as Information board . With the signage, Government will communicate with citizen more easily.


Used as information board. Display information , notices, employee achivements etc.


Greate use in hopitality domain to display menu, offers, welcome guests etc


Integrated with programmatic dooh now displaying advertising is more easy as 123.






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